Dr. Desiree Yazdan Presents "Instagram Patients"

The 3 simple steps to get your BEST patients into your practice and increase collections.

Your Host

Dr. Desiree Yazdan

Dentist, and a Certified Life Coach.

229k Instagram followers, appeared on "The Doctors", Wife, Mom and Practice owner.

"After implementing the strategies for eight weeks, I gained 12 new patients that led to over $40,000 of production!"

- Dr Neda, Dermatologist

"I followed the advice to a "T", no need to reinvent the wheel, & got new smile makeover patients from Instagram™ within no time."

- Dr Michaela, Dentist

"It only took me 5 days to get my first patient from Instagram. I've filled my schedule so much at work I've had to negotiate a pay rise!"

- Maria, Aesthetics Nurse

This Masterclass will show you:

👉 My "one-patient" technique that gets you attracting your BEST patient (the ones that don’t haggle you for discounts and value the work you do)

👉 The simplest technique that ensures you always have something click- worthy to post

👉 The critical mistake healthcare professionals make that erases their momentum, and how you can avoid it

👉 How to get your dream patients on Instagramto become actual patients.


This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if:

  • You’re seeing 2 patients you don’t like for every 1 patient you do like
  • You're tired of hearing, “Does my insurance cover that?
  • You want to spend your days doing procedures you love with patients you love
  • You want to increase collections because you know you’re meant to make more.

Sign up for Instagram™ Patients- the free training that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at using Instagram™ to pack your calendar with your BEST patients.

Coming to you from my YEARS of experience and consistently bringing in 40 new patients a month from Instagram alone.

When you sign up for this masterclass...

You will also get the workbook that helps highlight the most powerful takeaways so you can use the this masterclass to boost your practice revenue.

If you want to take control of your income, work only on your best patients, and do it repeatedly every month, sign up for Instagram™ Patients and transform your practice.

A personal invite from Dr Yazdan

Through a series of unfortunate events, my story starts with me at the helm of a practice with no money to market, no patients, plenty of staff to pay, and zero idea how to use social media. Desperate to make money to keep my business afloat.
It took me a year to crack the code.

And now, I draw in an average of 40 new patients a month from Instagram™.

I know you’re busy.

And I know you’ve dreamt of spending your days doing procedures you love with patients you love, and making the amount of money you know you deserve. Instagram™ patients can show you how to use Instagram™ to make it happen without wasting a year trying to crack the code!

It’s 100% free and designed specifically for you: The busy healthcare professional who wants to market for free on Instagram™ to transform their practice from barely there to exponential growth.